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Fusion Home

Fusion Home Accessories

Selvan Moodley

Office:  011 969 6543

Cell:      082 492 6926

Fax:      086 695 4155

Email: selvan@fusionhome.co.za

Web: fusionhome.co.za


Vijaya Moodley

Email: vijaya@fusionhome.co.za

Cell:  082 740 8038

Physical address: Plot 10 First Road, Hillcrest A/H, Benoni

Postal address: PO BOX 8271,Putfontein, 1513


We manufacture wrought iron garden furniture & accessories.

We customize for both residential & commercial landscapers. Our most popular offerings are steel garden arches, metal gazebos & metal benches. We also offer a range of garden accessories from garden bridges, garden obelisks, garden fences, herb rack, trellises, hanging basket, hanging basket hooks & holders, window box hooks & holders, screens & garden vases, steel hose reels, fire place accessories & bomas.

We also source & distribute a range of garden pebbles, dump rock & crush. Our landscaping stones can also be delivered in bulk or in 20kg bags.


Living Beautifully since 1969

Italtile forms part of the JSE-listed [1988] Italtile Limited Group, and we’ve been building our brand since 1969.
Today, we are leaders in the retail of premium quality porcelain & ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, taps, bathroom furniture and accessories.
With our range of top international brands and the very best of local merchandise, Italtile offers a truly luxury shopping experience.
A wide product offering is available across all our stores.
We strive to identify and retain the best talent available & together with continuous training, our motivated teams are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry.
The result is an outstanding service offering to match our premium product range.
Simply put, whether your project is domestic or commercial, Italtile leads the way to beautiful living.

2cm Architech


Denver Naidoo : Western & Eastern Cape


Matt Steyn : Gauteng and KZN


Head Office  021 -4254192



Our revolutionary porcelain 2CM ARCHITECH PAVERS offer a blend of versatility, design, performance, simplicity of installation and eco-sustainability.

For all of the same reasons that you would choose a porcelain tile for your interior flooring surfaces, you can now choose ARCHITECH PAVERS for your exterior surfaces. Designed specifically for outdoor applications, 2CM PAVERS offer a more aesthetically appealing alternative to the traditionally bland concrete and brick pavers. Porcelain Pavers are the ideal choice for swimming pools surrounds, terraces, gardens, roof gardens and all other outdoor areas. Installation types include: laid directly on top of grass, gravel or sand, on cement or concrete bed. Also on a Raised pedestal System (no fixing required). Paver sizes: 600x600mm ; 600x1200mm & 300x1200mm Benefits of 2cm Architech Pavers:

  • Frost Resistant
  • Resistant to Thermal Shock
  • Easy to Install & Clean
  • Resistant to salts, Chemicals & Mould
  • High Breakage Load & Carriage able
  • Antislip
  • Colour Stable

Easi Grass

James Carr

Cell: 082 375 1346
E-mail: pretoria@easigrass.co.za
Web: www.easigrass.co.za

Easigrass originated in UK over 10 years ago and have a network of over 30 Franchises across UK and Ireland. Internationally they have partners in Dubai; Balearic Islands; New Zealand and South Africa. In South Africa, Easigrass have partnered with Van Dyck Carpets to form Easigrass SA. In turn Easigrass SA have appointed Franchises in the following regions: Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng, with Glacial Flooring being one of two Franchise owners in Gauteng.

Easigrass SA is currently searching for new Franchisees in other regions across SA and Southern Africa - with Botswana being the first outside of SA. Always looking to expand their network, Easigrass can say that they are now recognized worldwide as one of the world's leading artificial landscape providers with the most recognized and trusted brand within the artificial grass industry. Easigrass is the first and only artificial grass company to have achieved a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show and is therefore the perfect solution for any garden; playground; sports facility; balcony; rooftop; poolside or office. It will totally transform any under-utilised area in to a living space that can be enjoyed all year round.

The benefits of artificial grass include: no watering; no mowing; no fertilizer; no mud; no dust or bare ground, providing 365 days of realistic green grass with excellent UV stability. It is ideal for kids and people with allergies relating to real grass. It is also safe for pets and above all it is environmentally friendly. Free from lead, heavy metals and harmful chemicals, Easigrass has been accredited with ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) awards. Easigrass can be done as a complete garden installation. You do not need to lay a concrete slab down first.

We remove the existing substrate and add crusher mix which is levelled and compacted. We then lay the grass on top of the new substrate. Our grass has drainage holes, which allows the water to flow through the grass and through the crusher mix substrate to the ground below. Easigrass can also be used to cover unsightly tiles, pavers and cement.

Grow Wild

Celia Kupiso .

CK Nbr. 1962/005058/07 VAT
Nbr. 4210 1834 08
102 Dunmaglass Road,
Glenferness Kyalami

P.O. Box 31306,
Kyalami, 1684

Phone: (011) 465 8857
Fax: (011) 465 3315
Cell: 082 824 6715
Email: sales@growwild.co.za
Web: www.growwild.co.za

We grow a wide range of indigenous trees, shrubs, groundcovers, succulents, Aloes and wetland plants.

We specialize in plants that occur on the Highveld and will withstand our cold, frosty winters and periods of drought.

Our plants are in SALI Gold award winning gardens, corporate and residential sites.

Earth Probiotic Recycling

Rebecca Henderson / Business Development

Cell: 079 999 7671
Phone: 011 959 1083
Email: rebecca@earthprobiotic.com  or info@earthprobiotic.com
Web: www.earthprobiotic.co.za

Address: Earth Probiotic Recycling Solutions
Life Green group Block H,
Lifestyle Business Park
Cnr Ysterhout and Beyers Naude Drives
Randpark Ridge

Accounts contact: Karen Heron
Email: karen.heron@earthprobiotic.com
Phone: 011 959 1083
Cell: 072 089 8386

Company Reg: 2010/018897/07
VAT Reg. No: 4160258580
Postal address: PO BOX 37, Morningside 2057

Earth Probiotic was founded in 2010 by Karen and Gavin Heron with the express purpose of returning food waste from whence it came: the soil. South Africa is a water and soil challenged country. Outside of xeriscaping, the landscaping industry needs to juggle two competing forces: beauty and natural resources. How to minimise water use? How to reduce input costs? How to make the client happy? How to build an environment which stimulates and energises staff or residents on an estate? Earth Probiotic believes that this starts with the soil. Soil needs to be seen as a living organism; and thus needs to focus on its biology. Healthy soil should contain micro-nutrients (calcium, etc.), organic matter and a thriving micro-biome. Using beneficial micro-organisms, Earth Probiotic pre-treats food waste so that it can be safely added to soil (directly or through a pre-composting process). This pre-treated food waste then adds the essential elements which soil needs: micro-nutrients (calcium from bones, iron from protein, phosphorous from vegetables), organic matter and large populations of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Intuitively we all do this: adding bone and blood meal to our soil. But, most, don't think that these valuable (and expensive) soil nutrients lie in our food waste - just waiting to feed the soil.

The benefits of food waste composting are massive: saving money on compost, saving money on fertiliser, reducing waste management costs (over 40% of waste is food waste), improving soil's water holding capacity, enhancing the carbon content of the soil.

"We don't grow plants. We grow soil. Soil grows plants." Too often organic waste is sent away from a site. Green (garden) waste and wet (food) waste should be composted on site. Either through traditional windowing or through vermicomposting. Why pay for this valuable material to be collected and then buy it back in the form of compost? Earth Probiotic provides solutions for domestic households, corporate and school canteens as well as industrial scale food waste. For homes and canteens the company utilises bokashi (Japanese for “fermented organic matter”) where food waste is fermented in sealed bins. The advantage of this system is that the waste does not rot and therefore doesn't smell, attract flies or roaches and is inaccessible to Sandton Cats (rats).

For large waste volumes of up to 2,000kg per day, Earth Probiotic manufactures its own designed in-vessel composting (IVC) machine which processes food waste into compost on-site. The cost of waste management is directly linked to the cost of transportation. Treating waste on-site reduces these costs dramatically. In addition, with many landfills nearing end-of-life and, in the not too distant future, organic waste needs an on-site solution which can benefit eve

Lacotta Projects

Natasha Peters

45 Harris Avenue Sebenza,
Phone: (011) 609 8770
Office Fax: (011) 6098131
Cell: 061 800 8210
Email: sales@lacottasa.co.za
Web: www.lacottasa.co.za

Lacotta has been one of the leaders in elegant and innovative handmade cement based products for over two decades. Lacotta's range of tiles, flagstones, cobble paving, pots, wall cladding and landscaping products have been used in Nelson Mandela Square and Monte Casinos Palazzo Hotel as well as countless beautiful homes.

Our products are available in a wide range of colours and sizes and are suitable for a range of applications.

Please visit our WEBSITE for product colours, sizes and applications. For a timeless touch of perfection choose Lacotta for unparalleled style and sophistication.

Endura Tech

D'leon Burger

CK/Company number 2015/029797/07
Vat number 4670269028
Phone: 011 027 7123
Cell: 082 681 9256
Fax: 086 558 3680 
Email: sales@EnduraTech.co.za
Web: www.EnduraTech.co.za

We specialize in creating high quality, up-market Fencing and Home Enhancement products which are designed to last, offering our clients a PERMANENT - ZERO MAINTENANCE fencing or walling solution.

At EnduraTech, all of our products are made from UV-treated, titanium dioxide enriched (TiO2), Virgin uPVC, which ensures protection from the effects of the African Sun, and allows us to offer a Lifetime Guarantee. These advancements allow us to make this promise to you; our products will require ZERO maintenance and never need to be painted, varnished or treated, and will never rot, rust, crack, blister or discolour. EnduraTech PVC fencing and outdoor products are 5x as strong and 4x as flexible as wood. This means no more sanding, scraping, sealing or painting.

A fence or wall that looks neat, clean and "as good as new" throughout its lifetime.

Products offered:

  • Pool Fences
  • Window Shutters
  • Lattice Screens
  • Picket Fences
  • Privacy Walls
  • Semi-Private Walls
  • Ranch Fences
  • Pergolas
  • Arbours
  • Balustrades and Railings
  • Palisade Fence
  • Gates and Doors

Green Industrial Supplies

Paul Green

Phone: 011 614 0295
Cell: 076 667 5000
20 Joubert Road, Benrose,
P.O Box 46455,
Orange Grove 2119
VAT # 455 0225 18
E-mail: greensindustrialsupplies@gmail.com

Paul Green has been in trade for 26 years, in areas covering sales and repairs of generators, Stihl 2-stroke power tools, industrial lawnmowers, pumps, irrigation and herbicides among others. Now he also offers an incredible range of garden tools and hardware.

His aim is to service the Landscaping and Golf course industries. He is passionate about his products, and with many years of experience, he can help you achieve the success in your business you desire.

Oxford Trails


Sandton, Johannesburg
Cell: 082 448 1118
Email: neil@oxford-trellis.co.za
Web: www.oxfordtrellis.co.za

Oxford Trellis was started in 1998 and specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of lattice features, as well as Landscaping services. This small family business was and still is based on traditional family values, honesty, integrity, respect and courage. This, coupled with the exceptional level of service and product knowledge, led to Oxford Trellis building an impeccable reputation in Gauteng.

In 2009 Oxford Trellis restructured, with Neil Campbell joining to run the Trellis manufacture and Monica Sanders being able to concentrate on the Landscaping. From its humble beginnings cutting timber in the family garage, it has now grown into a formidable business creating trellis/lattice features and garden dècor products of the highest standard.

Some of the products have even been showcased in garden magazines and on TV. Oxford Trellis believes that your home & garden should be your haven, a place to retreat to, rejuvenating your mind, body & soul.

My Hares & Graces

Carol Slabolepszy 

Linden, Johannesburg
Cell: 082 863 8939
E-mail: info@myharesandgraces.co.za
Web: www.myharesandgraces.co.za

My Hares and Graces is the concept of artist Carol Slabolepszy and was established in 2011. The first sculptures Carol created were hares, but since then a variety of cats and dogs have been added to the menagerie. All the sculptures are unique with a gentle presence and character. They are life-size, hand-cast in a weather-proof acrylic resin and meticulously hand- finished.

The sculptures can be tailored to individual requests using a variety of finishes including stone, bronze, white, gold and pewter. To ensure that you know each sculpture is an original there is a microchip implanted into every one. These beautiful animals are as happy indoors as outdoors.

Hope Garden Furniture

Sue Tiley 

Landline: 011 462 3553
Cell: 083 776 3184
E-mail: sue.tiley@worldonline.co.za
Web: www.hopegf.com

An exquisite range of outdoor garden furniture based on original 20th century French cafe and garden pieces. Hope garden furniture provides a range of furniture that echoes the craftsmanship and authenticity of yesteryear, paying the same attention to detail and proportion, with final touches by hand.

Introducing our exciting new oly and dickens ranges, designed by Adrian Hope.

Lily Loves

Sarah Cronin

Cell: 076 619 9188
Landline: 011 640 1375
E-mail: sarah@lilyloves.co.za
Web: www.lilyloves.co.za

Lily Loves designs and manufactures sculptural hand made water fountains based on botanical designs. All water fountains are made from pure copper, hand beaten and rolled into shape to create a unique water fountain. Water flows up through the main stem and down the leaves making a gentle splashing sound. In turn the copper colouring weathers and turns a beautiful characteristic aged green colour. Each water fountain is individually made for the client.

If however you would prefer another design that is not in our gallery you may commission one to be made and a quote will be worked out for your requirements. All water fountains are supplied with a pump which will require minimal maintenance of cleaning periodically. Also required would be an electrical point for the pump and a pond or watertight container to place the water fountain.

LJI Irrigation


Ian Cell: 082 902 8748
Norman Cell: 082 900 1346
Fax: 011 391 2342
E-mail: ian@ljiirrigation.co.za
Web: www.ljiirrigation.co.za

New fuly installed irrigation systems to suit your pocket with repairs and after sales service All types of Borehole work including installation and repairs Qualified licensed electrians - installation of garden lights, security lights, household electrics and fault finding Free Quotations on all Installations FOR FULL DETAILS VISIT OUR WEBSITE.