Featured Supplier August – Green Street Organics

Green Street Organics (GSO) is an organisation developed with its primary focus on the growth of pro-organic landscapes. We at GSO prioritise our efforts towards the environment; including the longevity of soil structure, promoting sustainable plant growth and water retentive ecosystems.

Our mission is to develop naturally superior soil structure in an eco-friendly way for optimised plant-life/growth and/or yield.

GSO products are made up of organic matter, free from synthetic additives or enhancers, that introduce macro and micro nutrients back into the soil, stimulating microbial and earthworm activity. Organic fertilizers are not only more affordable but are significantly more stimulating to any soil ecosystem.

GSO has three operational divisions;
• GSO Consulting

  • Soil Management Consulting
  • Soil Testing and Analysis
  • GSO Products
  • All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer – pelletized for slow release and easy application
  • Organic Lawn Boost – a powder-based product for a more visually appealing lawn upon application
  • Organic Soil Booster Starter Pack- A optimal combination of fertilizer, compost and the necessary bacteria to rapidly restore macro and micro nutrients within soil
  • GSO Training
  • Fertilizer programs
  • Organic living guidelines and recommended practices