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Water Conservation

Providing clean water is only the first step. We must also educate people on things that will ensure sustainability: sanitation, hygiene, drip farming and well maintenance.

Plant in the Sun

Growing plants in full sun, especially within containers, can be challenging unless you choose varieties that are tolerant of these conditions. Many full sun plants are also tolerant of drought and arid conditions.

Plants to Choose?

These plants are just a few of the many popular perennial options that get the green light for water-wise eco-gardens, Succulents, Fynbos, Buchu,Lavender, Air plants, Aloes, Clivia and South African Daisy.

Green Footprints

Our “ecological footprint” is our personal impact on this island home and on the planet. It represents all the land, water, and raw materials that go into our food/products/services, measured in terms of the amount of land needed to sustain our day-to-day lives.

Why the Guild

To raise the standard of landscaping in the Industry. To provide a professional service to clients. To be a proactive Guild that ensures that clients reverie an exceptional service

Bugs in the Garden

An army of beneficial bugs can eat your pests
Mantises and dragonflies are just some of the hundreds of fascinating and beautiful bugs we are lucky to see around our homes.