What to expect when a Landscaper visits you for a consultation

Once you have visited our Find a Landscape Designer page, reviewed the work, and landscaping styles that the professional, qualified members of Guild of Landscape Designers offer, and selected the one you'd potentially like to work with, here is some information on what to expect when consulting with a Landscape Designer.

GoLD Landscape Designers charge an initial consultation fee.
Below is an indication of what the consultation fee could cover, and why a consultation fee is charged:
  • The Landscape Designer will conduct an informal interview with the you, the client, to establish your needs regarding your garden, garden style, type and colour of plants as well as hard landscaping that might be necessary to create the desired garden.
  • The Designer’s valuable ideas and horticultural advice is shared with the client in this interview process.
  • The average duration of a consultation is one hour.
  • Measuring and surveying is done by the Landscape Designer in order to provide you with either a design plan or work out the quantities of planting needed for your garden.
  • The Designer will, at this stage, advise you on a plan forward depending on what work needs to be done.
  • Thus, the consultation fee is for the expertise, professional knowledge, time and advice of the Landscape Designer that is shared with the client.

This fee and consultation interview differs for each landscape designer and is not set by GoLD.
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