Benefits of being a GoLD Member

  • Business stamp of approval via our member certification process - giving you professional credibility and ensuring the public of your standard of excellence
  • Use of the GoLD branding to acknowledge your professional credibility
  • Listing on the GoLD Website Directory including your own Gallery Page
  • On-line access to our extensive Member Resource Centre that contains useful information & business documents, among others
  • Promotion of members through exposure on our Homepage and Facebook site
  • Access to interactive discussion forum encouraging knowledge sharing and problem solving between member
  • Opportunity to meet and network with green industry professionals via informative talks and networking events
  • Access to arbitration procedures and disciplinary board should it be required.
  • Access to business related forms and committee documents
  • Access to supplier information
  • Access to green industry related information and latest news
  • Subscri ption to a quarterly newsletter
  • Promotion of members through expos ure in our quarterly newsletter
  • Annual Garden Design Awards to inspire healthy competition amongst the members
  • Organ ised trips to Show Gardens and d esign related events in Gauteng to encourage design related discussions
  • Opportunity to serve on the committee and be invol ved with its various operations
  • Participation in the mentor/men-toree program with Silver members

Becoming a Member of GoLD

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Membership Applications


Students at Lifestyle College

The aim of GoLD is to help guide and deveop talents of students and graduates from the Lifestyle College, by offering professional assistance for designers entering the landscaping industry. These graduates are also encouraged to participate in our Mentorship Programme, where experienced professionals from GoLD share their experience and help introduce the GoLD members into the landscaping industry.

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